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How to order DesignRail®

  1. Carefully review: Read all information provided in our website under DesignRail®. For questions and assistance, please call our sales department toll-free, 707-224-9100. You may download a Quote Request Form from our site to gather all the information we need.
  2. Determine Frame Height: 36", 38", or 42".
  3. Decide Post Mountings: Fascia, surface, fascia bracket, or stanchion mount.
  4. Select Cap Rail: Series 100, 200, 300, 350, 400, or Series 150 for stairs.
  5. Choose Infill: Aluminum picket, glass, horizontal cable, or vertical cable.
  6. Pick Frame Color: Choose from the 8 standard colors or call for custom colors.
  7. Review Other Items: Will you need stair grab rails, low voltage lights, or gates?
  8. Confirm details and prices: All railing projects are unique. Call us at 1-844-224-9100, and our staff will assist you in confirming a list of the parts needed for your project and provide you with a price quote.
  9. Place your order: Please call or e-mail us your final list for order processing. Standard orders ship via common truck carrier, freight prepaid and allow.