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Quick-Connect® cable fittings come in two types.

Fixed Ends (FE) are non-adjustable end termination fittings that have no tensioning capabilities. Therefore, each Fixed End must be paired with a Tension Adjustment Fitting.

Tension Adjustment Fittings (TAF) include Threaded Terminals, Turnbuckles and Adjusters that are used to tighten the cable lines. Tension is adjusted by tightening the nuts on the Threaded Terminal fittings, spinning the tubular bodies on the Turnbuckles or rotating the bolt on the Adjusters.See Technical Documents, Quick-Connect® Installation Instructions, Quick-Connect® Swivel Installation Instructions, Quick-Connect® Maintenance Instructions and Quick-Connect® Warranty.

Every cable assembly must have at least one Tension Adjustment Fitting.

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1/8" 1X19 SSAC 100'
List Price: $63.99
Our Price: $57.60
1/8" 1X19 SSAC 250'
List Price: $159.99
Our Price: $143.99
1/8" 1X19 SSAC 500'
List Price: $319.50
Our Price: $287.55
1/8" 1X19 Stainless Steel Aircraft Cable 100' 1/8" 1X19 Stainless Steel Aircraft Cable 250' 1/8" 1X19 Stainless Steel Aircraft Cable 500'
1/8" Original Quick-Connect®
List Price: $20.25
Our Price: $15.25

Typically paired with a Threaded Terminal but can be paired with any Tension Adjustment Fitting.
Quick-Connect® Fixed Jaw Turnbuckle

Quick-Connect® Fixed Jaw End
1/8" Quick-Connect® Surface Mount TB
1/8" Quick-Connect® Fixed Surface Mount 1/8" Quick-Connect® Threaded Terminal
Screws into the face of a wood post or wall using a hanger bolt with lag thread (included). Typically paired with a Quick-Connect® Lag Swivel Turnbuckle but can be paired with any Tension Adjustment Fitting.
1/8" Quick-Connect® w/ Expansion Anchor
1/8" Quick-Connect® Internal Thread Adjuster w/ 1-1/2" Bolt
1/8" Quick-Connect® Lag Swivel Turnbuckle 1/8" Quick-Connect® Jaw End Swivel TB
1/8" Quick-Connect® Surface Mount Swivel TB
1/8" Quick-Connect® Expansion Anchor Swivel TB 1/8" Quick-Connect® Pivot 1/8" Quick-Connect® Pivot Swivel TB
Patented automatic-locking-jaw design from our original Quick-Connect®
fitting and applied it to an entire line of cable end fittings.  These
sleek and versatile fittings offer you the flexibility of assembling
cables in the field and the simplicity, speed, and gripping power of our
Quick-Connect® jaws: no more cumbersome crimp tools or wedge-type
compression fittings.